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BFS Past Articles
Sunday, October 15
· Import Racing Scene 101
· Beware of counterfeit tickets and bands at Hot Import Nights events
· Elias Wins As Hayden Crash Gives Advantage To Rossi
Thursday, September 07
· Custom Bike Builder Billy Lane Involved in Fatal Crash
Sunday, August 27
· Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
Friday, August 11
· Ducati Superbike Boss Threatens To Quit AMA Superbike Series
Thursday, August 10
· Mick Doohan Former 500CC Champion Arrested After Australian Strip-Club Incident
Saturday, July 29
· Police Investigate Fatal Crash At Barber Motorsports Park Track Day
Tuesday, July 25
· Nicky Hayden claims victory again at Laguna Seca GP 06'
Monday, July 17
· Duhamel Reacts To AMA Legalization Of Full Traction Control For Laguna Seca

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· 1 Local Police Plan Crackdown On Palomar Mountain Speeding
· 2 Motorcyclists arrested after 130 mph chase
· 3 Aids Walk Event 9/28/04
· 4 At The End Of The Day, Mladin Is The Man!
· 5 Aaron Yates takes advantage of misfortune, wins race!
· 6 Bare Biker meets a unexpected road hazard!
· 7 No playing, more rain...
· 8 Dodge Introduced New 500 HP Concept Motorcycle!
· 9 Four Stroke Motocross Shoot out!
· 10 Four Stroke Motocross Shoot out!

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Visit the gallery to see more of our Built For Speed ® Babes. We are always looking for new Built For Speed ® models. We are looking for people who are interested in motorsports and want to be involved in this growing industry. We find that our working relationships with our current models are rewarding for both of us. Built For Speed ® models receive a professional portfolio on CD, a featured photo & article on our homepage announcing the arrival of their photos, and much more. Although we are unable to provide a salary initially, the potential is there to earn cash, if you have the look and desire. We have a busy year ahead of us in 2006, and are looking for some fresh new faces to help promote at our events. So, if you are fun, and enjoy showing off your good looks, we are interested in hearing from you. If this sounds interesting to you, and you do not mind the camera... E-mail us some pics @: or give us a call @: (805) 382 - 8206.


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Real Biker Babes
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Monday, April 14 @ 17:04:37 PDT (15547 reads)

Anonymous writes "A discussion of what stereotypes and truths about being Biker Babes"

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Cops Pull Over 3 Year Old Driving In A Toy Mustang GT
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Saturday, October 13 @ 22:21:10 PDT (7309 reads)

OMRO, Wis. — The candy-apple red Mustang GT is just a toy, but that didn't stop 3-year-old Jordan Will from taking his battery-operated wheels for a brief ride along a busy stretch of highway.

Drivers stopped and neighbors chased down the car until an officer could pull over Jordan and his 2-year-old passenger on Sunday.

(Read More... | 1264 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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2008 Daytona Bike Week Sweepstakes
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Sunday, September 30 @ 20:49:42 PDT (9700 reads)

Anonymous writes "Race Shop is thrilled to announce it is the Presenting Sponsor of the 2008 Daytona Bike Week Sweepstakes. "

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History of the Rock Store
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Saturday, June 16 @ 02:15:32 PDT (6970 reads)

Ed and Vern (Veronica) moved to Southern California from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after WWII. They stumbled across this building, made entirely out of volcanic rock, which had been a stagecoach in the 1910's. They purchased this "Rock Store", in 1961, and created a small town grocery store out of it. As the years rolled by, many changes were taking place in this town of Cornell, CA. Cornell started growing in population, which forced the development of major roadways connecting Mulholland Highway to the Pacific Coast. As people started flocking to this area, more and more people started taking notice of this small town store. Not only were carloads of people stopping by for cold refreshments, but motorcyclists began pouring in from all directions. They were drawn to the windy canyon roads, and of course the opportunity to really test out their riding skills.

(Read More... | 1801 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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Corrales legally drunk in fatal motorcycle crash in Las Vegas
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Saturday, June 16 @ 02:03:07 PDT (7786 reads)

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Boxer Diego ``Chico' Corrales was riding drunk at more than three times the legal limit when he crashed his motorcycle and died, police said.

"It's quite possible that had he not been impaired, he could have prevented his accident,' Las Vegas police Sgt. Tracy McDonald said after toxicology tests showed Corrales' blood-alcohol content was 0.25 percent. The legal limit for drivers in Nevada is 0.08 percent.

(Read More... | 2631 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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Hollywood Helps Governor Promote Motorcycle Safety Awareness In Georgia
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Saturday, June 16 @ 01:44:22 PDT (6867 reads)

On behalf of the citizens of Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue proclaimed February 6, 2007 as ?Wild Hogs Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day? in Georgia to coincide with the release of a new motorcycling road-trip comedy film starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy. The Governor welcomed the cast of the movie to a motorcycle safety news conference on the steps of the State Capitol Tuesday, February 6th.

(Read More... | 4391 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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The War of Attrition to Regain Our Liberties: Fighting NC's Helmet Law
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Friday, April 27 @ 04:13:10 PDT (6882 reads)

Written by FastFred Ruddock, April 2, 2007

Sometimes it is more important to stand up and fight for your rights
than if you win or lose individual battles. Old timers in the battle
against North Carolina's helmet law told me they were impressed I was
even able to get as far as I did in bringing my case through the
court system. They also admonished me that I may never get the chance
again and should savor this experience. Apparently they feel the
state keeps a list of "trouble makers" in their database so when a
tag number is entered in a computer the police officer knows whether
or not to issue a helmet ticket. I can neither confirm nor deny this
theory at this time. However when I ride in North Carolina I still
decide and plenty of police officers have seen me do so yet none have
made any effort to issue me another helmet ticket. CLICK read more..

(Read More... | 9638 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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Biker Romp 'Wild Hogs' Movie Debuts at #1
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Sunday, March 04 @ 19:16:36 PST (6599 reads)

LOS ANGELES -- The biker buddy comedy "Wild Hogs" and its ensemble cast of John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy and Tim Allen was the weekend box office leader with a $38 million take home, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

It was Walt Disney's biggest March opening in history. It was also the largest-ever debut for the 53-year-old Travolta as well as the best non-animated movie debut for Allen, who is also 53. Macy turns 57 next week and Lawrence turns 42 next month.

(Read More... | 768 bytes more | Built For Speed News | Score: 0)
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The all NEW Ducati 1098
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Sunday, January 07 @ 17:51:56 PST (9691 reads)

The 1098 is the most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle in the world with the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any sport bike. The 1098 is the lightest, fastest stopping, quickest lapping Ducati in history. For the first time Ducati MotoGP and World Superbike technology have been combined to create a premier street bike. The results are stunning. Click READ MORE..

(Read More... | 3166 bytes more | BFS Sportbike News | Score: 0)
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Police bust illegal street races
Posted by coryMotorcycles What's Hot and What's Not on Tuesday, November 07 @ 00:52:05 PST (7617 reads)

CHARLOTTE -- Police seized more than a dozen cars in a drag racing bust over the weekend. It was carried out as part of a joint operation between the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the State Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

(Read More... | 2131 bytes more | BFS Import Car News | Score: 0)
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