Real Biker Babes
Date: Monday, April 14 2008 @ 17:04:37 PDT
Topic: Motorcycles What's Hot and What's Not

A discussion of what stereotypes and truths about being Biker Babes

OK, so you want to be known as a cardholder in the sisterhood known as biker babes. What does it take? It's not about cruising on the back of a Harley on weekends, or purchasing a new leather coat or chaps. It's all about attitude.

Before doing anything to transform your image, the skills you must learn have to do with motorcycle safety. I can tell you, I have seen many self proclaimed biker babes get off the backseat of their man's bike right in the way of traffic. Girl! I want to tell you, you do that and all that make up you took time to so carefully put on is going to be dusted red with gravel. And those nice leathers you purchased to fit into the biker babes persona, are going to be spread all over the asphalt. You want to be known as a biker babe? You'll get more attention then you ever expected being included in that club of airhead biker babes.

I have seen more woman, try so hard to appear so natural on the backseat of a their manís Harley, it's almost frightening. One lady in particular comes to mind and is number one on my airhead list. Here is this self proclaimed veteran member of the biker babes club. Perched all done up on the back of this brand new Harley Davidson. Her man cruising down the city road packed of cars in both directions. Here, the evident new member of Miss Biker Babes was... hopping up and down on the back seat, swinging to the music from his tank tunes, flailing he hands to people driving by as if she were in some parade. Personally, I would have liked to see him pull over, boot her ass off the motorcycle, and make her hike home for putting him in that sort of hazard. Veteran biker babes have no need to make sure everyone notices them, to the point of risking a rides safety. Real biker babes can ride and flow so well with the bike, the driver does not even notice they are on back.

Study safety! Real Biker Babes and Real Bikers, can single you out of any pack as a "self exclaimed" Biker Babe just by the things you do in relating to safety on a motorcycle. It's all about the RIDE, not about you trying to fashion your way into the biker babes club. Letís stay safe, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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